When it all goes well…

Sometimes, you can never predict what is to come,
When all seems well, and when all looks good,
It could all come crashing down,
And you would have never known!

Sometimes you feel it, deep in your heart,
You know that it’s too good to be true,
You know you’re not letting yourself feel the truth,
and you would have deluded yourself!

Sometimes, you know you’re deluding yourself,
You know you’re convincing yourself to think,
Even when all the signs tell you otherwise,
You keep telling yourself!

When it all goes well, and you think you’re at the end,
Finally a repose to all the pain,
Finally a happy ending to a beautiful story,
And you’re telling yourself that it all went well…

That’s when the actual end comes by,
The truth you’ve been hiding from yourself,
The truth that you never let yourself feel,
The truth that it never went well…


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