With a Heavy Heart…

She had no clue why,
But she knew her heart was heavy.
She didn’t know how,
But she knew she had to move on.
She wanted nothing more than to be happy,
But she felt, she no longer knew how.
She wanted to be satisfied,
She wanted to make them proud,
But everything she tried went the other way.

She knew not what to do now,
She knew not if she had a choice,
She knew not if she must keep trying,
But she knew she wasn’t happy.

She knew her state was affecting others,
Others around her,
People who didn’t deserve it,
And people who only cared about her.
And yet, she knew not how to turn things around.

For once and for all, she knew she had to make a decision,
She knew she had to either be happy,
Or, at the least, make the people around her happy.

She bent her head, one last time.
She knew the decision had been made.
And no matter what now, she would stick by it.


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