Family Vacations…

Right, so this one is more of a musing and almost a sort of an introduction to what is to come.

Last month, I had the amazing opportunity to travel halfway across the globe from India to Greece (first), meet 18 people who I absolutely adore and spend 16 days having fun with them, traveling, exploring and well, being a family.

So to give you a bit of a background, my mum has a bunch of sisters who, together, are a force of nature to be aware of. For example, together, they threw one fo the grandest weddings my family has ever seen last year, and it went without a flaw. These are sisters who are together for everything, always there for each other in good and bad, and always there for the family despite being globetrotters with successful careers and brilliant kids and whatnot.

Right so, my aunts each live in a different country and every few years, they plan and the entire family goes on a nice vacation together. So that’s what we did. We planned and in 15 days visited a bunch of places in Europe and finally returned back home.

Our vacation, Europe 2019, began in Greece. We all met in the beautiful city of Athens and spend a few days letting the history sink in. We then took a flight from Athen to Santorini. And my, I now know why Santorini is truly a place to visit. From Santorini, we then took another flight (through Athens) and flew to Sarajevo. And the now recent history in Sarajevo, we definitely need to go read that story again.

From Sarajevo, we then hired three cars (and that’s a story of its own) and drove to Mostar for a few days and then onwards to Dubrovnik (Yay, Game of Thrones and everything) and then to Korcula and then to Split and finally to Zagreb before we flew back home from Zagreb.

So yea, we traveled across Europe to visit 8 beautiful cities in 16 days in a group of 19 to be exact.

It was all the drama of a big family, the delight of traveling with sisters and brothers and aunts and uncles alike, the thrill of traveling to new places and exploring cities. It was everything I wanted it to be and more.

So there you, I guess you already know what I’m going to be writing about over the next couple weeks, and trust me, I definitely have a lot of interesting stories to share.

So don’t forget to stay tuned!

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