Dear Dad (Film), A Review…

About a month back, I finally got around to watching ‘Dear Dad’ on Netflix. Starring Arvind Swamy and Himanshu Sharma in lead roles, the film follows the story of a 45-year-old dad and his 14-year-old son.

Directed by Tanuj Bhramar with Cinematography by Mukesh G and Editing by Charu Shree Roy, the film is a sweet coming of age story with a twist.

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Pc: ​Google

*Spoiler Alert*

It can never be easy for a father to come out of the closet to his son. But what goes on in the father’s mind and the son’s mind is exactly what the director has tried to encompass into this film. With a beautiful storyline and the right intent, the movie is something that could’ve definitely gone places. Unfortunately, the movie fails to uphold the seriousness of the basic story. The writing fails to evoke our curiosity and quite a few plot lines are left untold. For instance, we never find out how his wife got to know in the first place. And how the father and son finally solve their issues is an answer we will never know.

But the film does win us over with a few other perks. Brilliant cinematography showing us beautiful and picturesque views, a simple storyline and a lot of heart that went into the movie manage to keep us there, watching right until the end. Acting by Arvind Swamy is, of course, flawless. The director further manages to go through the film, no judgments made.

The film introduces more characters here and there to add a little weight to the story. And while they all do their part, they don’t do a lot for the story as such. They’re true to their roles as supporting characters.

Maybe if the film hadn’t hurried as much for the father to come out, it could have had a better impact. With a strong subject, ‘Dear Dad’ is a film that, at the end of the day, tells us that it is perfectly fine to be what we are and who we are.

I’d give this film a 3/5.


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