No Matter What, Pick Yourself Up!

Life always has an annoying way of throwing something you never expect, at you. In fact, the more you don’t want something, the more the chances that it does, and that too, when you least expect it.

It could be something as simple as meeting someone who has an emotional effect on you. Or, it could be a job offer. It could be an occasion or a coincidence or absolutely anything. Worst of all, sometimes, we voluntarily end up making sure such a situation happens. After all, we are human!

Over the last couple of years, I have ended up finding myself at more of these situations than not. Every turn in the road seems to be a surprise I did not expect. I ended up in a course very different from what I wanted to do as an undergraduate. The one thing I promised myself I wouldn’t do, I did. I ended up in a leadership role that I managed to carry out better than I expected. I fell in love with a field. Found my calling in a field similar and yet different to the former. I took up a job in a city that wasn’t my first option.

My point. I fell. A lot. But I can only sit here today and be glad that I picked myself back up.

As humans, we tend to fill our lives and surround ourselves with people we love. People, we think to love us. People we trust, think of as friends, even family. But I have come to realize that just like our world revolves around us, so does it for everyone around us. Which means that more often than not, you can only count on yourself to be your rock.

I have been lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who were always there when I needed a shoulder to lean on. But that right there, that is just it. They were all there for me to lean on, to lend a hand, act like a crutch.

But they could only ever help me if I made that first effort to get up.

My life, I’m sure, is very different from yours. But I promise you this, once you’ve realized that you’ve fallen, it’s in your hands to put your hand down and push yourself off the ground. When you do that, I promise you, someone will be there to make sure you get up all the way.

So yea, no matter what, however bad you believe things are, I promise you, it will get better. You just have to pull yourself back up. And if you ever need a stranger to just talk to and vent, hit me up!

Comment and tell us your story. It might be just what someone else out there needs to get back up.

Pick yourself up!
Pick yourself up!

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