It Started with a Kiss by Miranda Dickinson, A Review…

Right, so next in line, a novel I recently finished, ‘It Started with a Kiss’ by Miranda Dickinson is… well, it’s a romantic fun-read.

With Christmas almost upon us, it would be no surprise if you’re looking for a light-hearted fun story to read and enjoy. Unfortunately, this book might not make it on to the top 10 list.

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Pc: Google

A light-hearted breezy story about a singer in a wedding band after she meets someone at the Christmas market for about 5 minutes and then spends a year looking for him, too, of course, finding him on the last day and having a happily ever after with him. And then, of course, there’s the invariable love story also happening between Romily (the protagonist) and her best friend.

Overall, a bit of an expectable story with a few suspense and romantic elements thrown in with a touch of reality.

Here’s my problem with this book. Unfortunately, it took a bit of determination to actually get through reading the novel. I was easily distracted from it and sometimes, even put the book down and took a break. That is definitely not what I want in a book.

And here’s what I liked about the book. When I made myself read and got to the end, I realized that it was definitely a nice story that made me feel happy and actually enjoy the plot.

The writing in this novel is definitely fun and breezy, but unfortunately, it doesn’t captivate us.

With lots of action, several locations, and a fast-moving plot, the book is definitely a romantic read with a nice deep meaning to it that you can choose to take or leave. With characters that you start liking quickly, modern touch and a happy ending, it’s not a book I regret reading.

If only it had managed to keep my attention.

I’d give it a 3.75/5.


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