The common myths about India!

Right, so I was thinking long and hard about what I wanted to write for this post, and one of the things I thought about almost immediately (after a lot of thinking) was the very common myths about India.

A country as large and famous as India, with citizens placed in literally every country across the globe, it is very surprising how wrong the world’s got it.

Any film that involves the country has stereotypical music in the background with people who look so typically Indian with a plot often based on unsafe roads, Hindus across the country, slums and poor people everywhere, heat that cannot be withstood and full of vegetarians.

Myths about India!
Myths about India!

Trust me, an India, having stayed in the country all my life, it is almost the exact opposite. And no, I am not exaggerating.

So here are a few of the common myths about India.

  1. Cricket is the National Game

    Fact is, while cricket is very famous in India, the national game is Hockey!

  2. People break into stereotypical songs all the time

    We Indians like songs just as much as everyone else, but let’s face it, our lives are not really a musical (sorry to ruin that image)!

  3. Indian women are all housewives!

    While this may have been true once upon a time, the country has found its way into a modern world with women working in almost all position and levels.

  4. Indians are all Hindus and Vegetarians

    The country, in fact, has people of almost all religions and definitely has loads of non-vegetarians.

  5. Traveling is very dangerous!

    Fact is, traveling in India is absolutely brilliant with beautiful views, great architecture and loads to see and so.

  6. Indians don’t speak English, they all speak Hindi.

    India, in fact, has no national language but rather has about 11 official languages including Hindi and English. And truthfully, there is definitely a part of the country that doesn’t know Hindi.

  7. Indian’s all have an arranged marriage through the families.

    While this was definitely true with the previous generations, these days while arranged marriage still does happen, it depends on the family and the people involved. But what is true is that marriages are definitely huge affair when the people involved wish it to be.

So there you go. Some of the most common myths about India. In truth, the country is a beautiful place with loads of things to do, a lot of beautiful sights, amazing people and a great place to live in.

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