Too Far Away, Chapter 1…


Chapter 1:

Anna took a deep breath. She hadn’t realized that she would miss Matt this much. When they had planned this out, she had been confident that she would be able to cope just as well with him far far away. And yet, all she had thought off the entire day was him and him alone.

Anna, 26, was a business analyst in one of the leading companies in London. She had grown up, studied and found her calling in the big city. She loved the city. But the one thing she loved as much, was traveling. Growing fast in her company, Anna was one of the highly recommended and wanted analyst’s in her company. She loved what she did and loved that she had time to do everything else she loved simultaneously.

Dancing had been one thing Anna had been doing all her life. She had learned dance, as a little kid when she was only 5. Back then, waltzing around the room with her mom had been her favorite thing to do. And as the years went by, her passion for dancing only grew. At 26 now, Anna had learned to waltz, to do salsa and ballroom dancing and took every opportunity to learn another style or dance her heart out and all that.

She had, in fact, met Matt in one of these situations. A scientist at Oxford University,  when she and Matt had been paired up at the local dance meet in Kentish Town, she had been very surprised when she had learned that he was, in fact, a scientist.

But it hadn’t mattered. They had hit it off immediately, and soon, were dating and seeing each other every chance they got. Unfortunately, with both of their busy schedules, this wasn’t as often as they wished. And yet, the two had managed to meet at least once a week for the last 6 months.

And now, 6 months later, they were all of a sudden too far away to meet often. The different time zone definitely didn’t help make matters easier either.

About a month back, Matt had received an offer to head an expedition in an unexplored area in the North Sea. One of the leading scientist in Oceanography, Matt was one of the first choices for the expedition. And of course, it would be an incredible opportunity for him.

When Matt had told her about the opportunity, her immediate thought was of course how thrilling a chance it would be for him to go into the North Sea. And of course, when he had wondered about the distance and all the problems that would come in the process, she had brushed it aside.

And here she was, less than 2 weeks after he had left, already missing him to bits. If only she could talk to him, even if only for five minutes…

To be continued…

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