Fidaa (2017), A Review…

Right, so a movie I saw recently, suggested by a friend, was the Telugu movie Fidaa.

The film starring Varun Tej, Sai Pallavi, Raja Chembolu, Sai Chand, Aryan Talla and more is a Telugu film that came out in July 2017.

The film follows the plot around brothers Varun, Raju and Bujji who live in the states. They’re a close-knit family and decide to get the eldest sibling married. Off they fly to Telangana to meet Renuka and her younger sister Bhanumathi. As Renuka and Raju decide to get married, Varun and Bhanumathi fall in love.

But of course, complications are in abundance with the couple in love. With a strong headed Bhanumathi unwilling to leave her father and home and Varun, all the way from the states, it isn’t an easy decision to make. And of course, it’s always easy for misunderstandings to happen.

The film is essentially about how the two fall in love, misunderstand each other, understand each other and finally, how they end up together.

Sai Pallavi delivers a brilliant performance as per usual making the audience fall in love with her character instantly. Varun Tej does well enough beside the actress delivering a believable performance.

Bringing two people with completely different lives, upbringings and character together is hard. Shekhar Kammula’s direction, however, manages to do this pretty well. With great dialogues and cinematography by Vijay C. Kumar, the movie definitely offers an enjoyable time.

What however is the problem is an extremely simplistic storyline. While the music compliments the film, it fails to stand out.

The movie though is definitely realistic and reflect back to our daily lives giving us yet another reason to enjoy it. The movie could definitely be a better version with a little more depth to the story, more careful handling in the second half and maybe more importance to all the characters rather than just Sai Pallavi’s.

Overall, I’d say, go watch the film without too many expectations and you’ll enjoy it. I’d give the film a 3.5/5.


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