In life, It Would Always Be Him…

In life, it would always be him…

No matter what changed, No matter who changed,
He would always be the one.

Even when she had moved on,
He would have always been the best.

Even when she was happy,
He would be the darkness in the corner of her heart.

Even when she had forgotten,
He would be the nagging memory.

Even when she was all but gone,
He would be forever present.

And when all had changed and everything was well,
He would still be missed and remembered.

When everything was perfect,
He would be the mistake.

When everything was going wrong,
He would be the light in the candle.

In life, it would always be him

When she had stopped thinking of him,
When he had all but faded in her memories,
When he was only a distant reminder,

She would think back,
She would remember him in happy memories,
And she would go back to her life,
Happy and Content,
It would no longer be him…


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