I can’t remember back to the first time I fell in love with sunsets.

As far back as I can remember, I remember that ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always thought that the sunrise and the sunset were the prettiest moments of the day. I’ve always felt that they had the ability to turn a normal looking place into a beauty and beautiful places into heaven.

Have you ever sat somewhere just watching as the sun slowly disappear into the horizon, leaving nothing but traces of its existence painted across the sky?

Over the years, this was something I rarely ever saw. Back home, it was always easier to wake up a bit early and watch the sun rise up. And I thought that was pretty.

A couple years back, I visited a few places in Europe on a summer trip with my family. The travel freak in me absolutely loved that trip. When we visited Florence, Italy, it was a complete coincidence that we ended up on the Ponte Vecchio bridge right around the time of sunset. And that, to this day, is one of the most beautiful sights I’ve had the chance to behold.

That was the day I fell in love with sunsets. And while I fell in love that day, I didn’t realize it.

Fast-forward a couple years to when I came and settled down in U.K. for University. Every sunset I’ve seen since then, I’ve realized that love. I truly believe that that is the prettiest time of the day.

The sunset is something close to my heart. It’s something that resonates peace, beauty, and strength to me.

A sunset is often depicted as the epitome of romance, be it in movies, novels and well, just life. And that might be true for most people too. But for some reason, the sunset is something that I look to for stability. For balance. And to just remind me that all will be well.

And that right there, is how cliched I can get sometimes.

I don’t know what I meant to say here today, I suppose I’m just trying to say, ‘I love sunsets’.

Oh, and of course, it certainly helps that they are the perfect photo ops. ( 😉 )


Ps: To take a look at. more of my photos, please take a look at my Instagram photography page ( ). And if you like it, do follow me for more. (Thank you 😀 )


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