SpiceKlub (Dubai), a Review!

After about 7 months of ‘Work Work Work’, I got the chance to take a break and go visit the family halfway across the world in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. So of course, after the initial hello’s and the acquainting and all of that, we went out for dinner with some family friends. Their suggestion was this restaurant called ‘SpiceKlub’  that had already received raving reviews that they had in fact been to a couple of times already.

It was my first time there and I was actually looking forward to figuring out what was so good about this place. And well, I did.

So of course, I had already heard a lot of things and appreciation from my cousin. I knew that the place was Indian and street food. I knew that it was a Vegetarian only restaurant with great drinks (no alcohol) in a beautifully decorated setting (with swings for seats and everything). And I knew the place was famous for reinventing the Indian cuisine.

Ordering the menu for the night was left to me and my cousin and it took a lot of thinking and contemplating and confusion, but we got to it.

Mango On the Rocks

I started my meal with a drink, ‘Mango on the rocks’, a delicious mango drink with all the flamboyance with liquid nitrogen and all that. A bit confusing on how to actually drink it considering they didn’t give me a straw, but the spoon worked for the most part and it really was all the fun with all the taste! 

With drinks served, next came the appetizers. Well known for the Pav Bhaji Fondue, that was of course one of the orders. And to go with that, we had the Vegetable & Beetroot Spheres and the Roomali Cheese Papad. Crispy Pav with a delicious tasting bhaji to eat in a fun way in the form of a fondue started us off.

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Next up, we got the Vegetable & Beetroot spheres with beetroot foam on top. Much like a cutlet or a Tikki, these were vegetable dumplings with cheese and beetroot in the center that tasted brilliant. And finally, one of the best Papads I have ever had, the Roomali Cheese Papad blew my mind off with its tase. (Albeit, the cut chillis that were spread across also made it way too spicy for me!)

Seasonal Fruit Lassi

Already a bit full from the appetizers, the main course was straightforward North India dishes. We got the Garlic Butter Naan, the Garlic Naan, the Roomali Roti and all these to go with the Tandoori Bhindi Shaslik, the Moti Paneer Makhani, and the Dal Masala Tadka. The Paneer Makhani was a tad bit sweet for my liking but I suppose that is what it is famous for. The Dal and the Bhindi, on the other hand, I absolutely adored.

Too full from all this, we didn’t go for dessert.

But oh, oh, I forgot. We also did order the seasonal fruit Lassi along with our dinner, and these are absolute must-haves. And this coming from someone who is not a fan of Yogurt surely says something!

On the whole a great restaurant if you’re looking for some innovative, tasty Indian Vegetarian food. Beautifully plated dishes with a great use of Molecular Gastronomy to bring dishes together and give the customers a great food experience!

It’s definitely a place to eat at when you’re in Dubai. I’d happily give the restaurant a 4.5/5. But of course, lots more dishes to try out! 😉 Hope you guys enjoy.

Also, if you’re interested,

Address: Opposite Aster Hospital, Near Sharaf DG, Kuwait Street, Mankhool, Dubai

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