A Part of Her, Part 9…

So Far:

It felt a little weird to her that Henry was coming over. She knew she’d rather just wallow in self-pity today. But at the same time, the idea that he was coming over also made her feel almost glad for the company. It would be nice to have him over. It helped that he didn’t know what was on her mind. She didn’t want any sympathy. In fact, she wanted to forget.

Lightened by the idea of a better evening than she had anticipated, she dialed Ryan’s number. This was going to be a long call and he was going to be pissed that she had ignored his calls. Well, at least she had a good enough reason…

Chapter 9:

‘You’re really fine?’ Ryan asked for the nth time.

‘Yea babe, I really am. And Henry is coming over at 9 for a movie.’ she replied in her most soothing voice.

‘I hate that this happens to you. I wish he would just leave you alone. You don’t deserve this. The least he could do is to let you move on. It was his fault. After all, he was the one…’ he continued.

‘Ryan stop! Don’t go there.’ I cut him short.

‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry. You know what, I’ve got nothing planned for tonight either. I’ll come over too. We’ll watch whatever movie Henry’s got picked out. And listen, make your pasta! I’ll see you in a bit.’ he said, trying to distract me from the line of thought he knew he had started, and cut the call.

It definitely made her feel much more relaxed knowing that the two of them were coming over in a couple hours. She loved Ryan and even though he had a knack for obsessing over everything when it came to her, she knew that he was one of those few people who were always there for her and just knowing that she’d see him in a couple hours made her feel relieved. And Henry. She had only known him a couple weeks now and she already felt extremely comfortable with him. She knew he cared, maybe even a bit more than she was ready for. But she still knew that he was gentleman enough to not push her until she was ready. Regardless, she knew that he had become a really good friend.

Even though she hadn’t exactly talked problem with the two guys, just talking to them had left her much calmer mood and feeling more like herself. She got off the floor, washed her face and went into the kitchen. She was in the mood for pasta, and the idea was definitely enticing.

An hour later, the kitchen smelled of tomato and cheese and the pasta was sitting in the oven, the cheese melting and the entire thing baking. She still had an entire hour before the guys were due at her place. Nothing ever relaxed her like a bath did and this would be the perfect chance to use the new bath bombs she had bought at Lush last month. Ten minutes later, she was sprawled out in a lavender smelling purple bath with bubbles and a book to keep her company…



The sound of the bell continuously going off finally woke her up. She was still in the bath surrounded by bubbles, her book abandoned on the floor. She hadn’t realized that she had actually been tired. But she knew she should have known better. Seeing him always took a toll on her.

She got off the tub dripping water on her mat. Grabbed a towel off the rack and wrapped it around her and ran to open the door. Both Ryan and Henry were standing outside waiting for her, exasperated.

‘Sorry, sorry, I fell asleep in the bath. Come in, I’ll be out in 2 minutes.’ she mumbled at them and ran into the kitchen. Thanking God that she had set the timer for the oven on, she switched the oven off, took the Pasta Bake out of the oven, put it on the table and ran back into her room. Her favorite pair of fluffy home pants and her loose top sat on her dresser. She grabbed them, put some cream on, dressed up and went out to meet the guys, embarrassed…


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