Some Kind of Wonderful by Sarah Morgan, A Review…

The Second book in the ‘Puffin Island trilogy’, ‘Some Kind of Wonderful’ is an interesting and casual read with a great storyline by Sarah Morgan.

The book follows the life of Brittany Forrest, an archeologist who comes back home to Puffin island to relax and recover until her broken wrist heals. But that last thing she expected was to run into her ex-husband from a marriage that lasted less than 10 days and end up in the same town with him.

Zachary Flynn, a daredevil pilot, is only ever happy when he is flying. His past never let him be happy or trust anyone. He had always known that he would let Brittany down and he knew that by walking out their marriage, he had let her down. the islanders had been right to always have been wary of him.

But now, living in the same town, neither of them can seem to stay apart. Neither of them can run away from the attraction between them or the feeling they still harbor.

A truly talented writer, Sarah Morgan does an incredible job of writing a story that appeals to the readers and makes the readers feel the emotions the characters are going through. Despite being a part of a trilogy, I, myself, read this book first and yet, the book did not leave me wondering about what happened in the earlier novel, working well as a standalone title too.

Sarah manages to give her protagonists great character with depth making them easy to relate to.  A beautiful love story about the bad boy and the good girl on a tiny island that is perfect for them, the book is sure to be loved. Despite the transformation in the emotions like Brittany going from being angry at a failed marriage to completely head-over-heels for him, the story comes through in a very realistic and engaging novel.

I’d give it a 4.25/5.


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