A Part of Her, Part 3…

Chapter 3:

They had been driving around for hours now. She had no clue why she trusted this guy, but she just did, without a doubt. Even though she was sure that she had never met him before, she felt like there was something connecting the two of them.

“Tell me about him,” he asked, all of a sudden.

She turned to look at him, wondering what he was talking about, and if it was what she thought, how he knew. He, however, didn’t look at her. His eyes stayed on the road, his hands clenched the steering wheel and she felt like he was forcing himself to talk to her. That right there made her hesitant. She didn’t want to force anyone into making them do anything for her. She’d rather just be by herself. She ignored his question and continued looking out the window, staring at the passing scenes outside.

All of a sudden, the car slowed, and he pulled up at the side of the road. He took a deep breath in. when she turned to look at him, she was struck by the expression on his face. He was battling with himself, this much was clear, but about what, she didn’t know.

All of a sudden, he took her hand from her lap into his, he took it and placed it right above where his heart was. It was racing.

“I haven’t known you for long, and I definitely haven’t had the time to get to know you. But I feel like I do. And seeing you like this, so sad and with such a burden in your heart, I can’t bear it. I don’t like seeing you unhappy. And for some reason, I know this is because of some guy. I know something’s happened. Talk to me, tell me what it is, I’ll either solve it for you or help you forget. Please”, he begged.

His words unlocked something inside her, the tears started falling. She turned away.

“You can’t fix it, it’s gone past all that. And I don’t want to forget. It was the light in my life of darkness. And if you make me forget, I won’t be myself anymore. The memories might cause me pain, but they also remind me of a happier time. He’s gone now… talking about him isn’t going to bring him back. And all I have left, all I have are these memories. But you can help, you can take my mind off of it for awhile. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll always be in every thought, but you might be able to push him to my subconscious.” It was everything she had locked inside. He somehow had the ability to unlock every lock, every bottle in her, and she had a lot of them.

“If you don’t want to talk about him, what do you want to do?”

She smiled at his words, a thought striking her. She turned back around to face him. He could still see the tears streaking down her face, but he saw the first sign of a genuine smile since he had met her, creeping on to her face. Somehow, he had gotten through to her…


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