The Kind of Place I’d Like to Live In…

Everyone has at some point of time or the other dreamed of the kind of place they’d live in. It could be the place, the kind of house, the kind of climate and so much more than that.

For me, it is all of it. First and foremost, for me, it’s the climate. I want to live in a place that’s nice and cool, and I don’t mean super cold, more like a pleasant weather that’s not hot and you can walk around with a thin jacket and be perfectly fine. If there’s light rain around the year with it, then so be it.

I’ve almost always lived in a city all my life, but I’ve always wanted to live somewhere quiet and petite. It would be a cute house on a huge farm with no one else around but me and my husband. Of course, I don’t exactly want this, just the image in my mind.

Rather, more practically, a countryside house with a garden around it and lots of space to walk around and enjoy nature.  Somewhere that I could walk to the city center or cycle even. Somewhere I can walk to my neighbors or my friend’s place and that kind of a thing.

On the other hand, a city that is a hub of everything and with every kind of store, restaurant and all, that definitely has its appeal too. I mean, it would be great if I had a place I could go to if I turned out to have an urge to have Sushi or Chinese or a fancy dinner that I might not get in my countryside house. A place where I can take a 15-20 minute drive, I can shop at a mall or a stretch of high-end stores or even for that matter of fact, drive to a stretch of stores that sell cheap stuff.

Well, it’s definitely a big decision to make with too many ifs and buts. But hey, at least I’ve got loads of time to decide. And more than that, who knows where life is going to take me.

We’ll see how it goes.



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