The Best of Edinburgh…

Having decided to go somewhere for the holidays, Edinburgh was the famous choice that everyone wanted to go to. It made me very curious as to why. But now, having been there, I would definitely suggest it to everyone!

A beautiful city, Edinburgh is a city of rich history with so much to share. Going to the place and not going everywhere in it is a pity.

Starting from the Edinburgh Castle, all the way down the Royal Mile to the Holyroodhouse Palace, across the museums and galleries, down the Christmas Market and up to Arthurs’ Seat, every part of the city is steeped in rich history and so many stories that showcase the heritage and the royalty and the story of Edinburgh.

A Travel Freak, I have never been the kind of person who could do a half-assed job of visiting a place. I have to go to all the spots, I need to walk the streets, eat the food and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Best of Edinburgh...
Best of Edinburgh…

I was lucky to go to Edinburgh with a lot of friends who were willing to do that with me.

That being said, my favorite part was the trek up to Arthurs’ Seal. Initially only looking forward to a simple walk up, we ended up on a more than an hour long trek up the steep side of the mountain. An hour of breathing hard later, we got the reward for it. Up the mountain, overlooking the grand city, a view that takes your breath away.

A little higher up and a look at the other side, overlooking the city as it reaches to the seas. With brilliant colors, an astounding view, a perfect picture and you fall in love with the city.


Edinburgh is a city that has a lot to offer. Whatever you like, it has for you to see. Museums, Castles, Shopping and everything else. Visiting while the Christmas Market was in play was definitely an added benefit with street food, simple shopping, and the air of happiness that comes with Christmas.

Definitely, a beautiful city that everyone has got to visit at least once!

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