Letting go and having fun…

She walked down the aisle looking for her seat. About halfway down the coach, she finally found it. She hoisted her suitcase on to the rack and sat down.

University was finally done for the term and she finally had a well-deserved break.

She settled into her seat, with her novel. It was a long journey to where she was going, she might as well enjoy it. An hour in, she was halfway done with her book and already needing a break. She put the book down.

Something caught the corner of her eye, and she turned and looked out the window. The countryside looked beautiful. The green meadows, blue skies and picturesque views even in the middle of winter absolutely took her breath away.

She plugged in her earphones and played a random song. All she wanted to do was lose herself in the music and the picture-perfect views that stared back at her.

Maybe this journey wouldn’t feel as long after all.

She took a bit of the chocolate still unable to take her eyes off the view. She realized then that maybe enjoying a bit of me time was after all only being able to lose oneself and well, just enjoy oneself. Just taking a deep breath and letting go. And today, without trying to, she had done it, She had let go and was just, well, enjoying herself.

She took a deep breath and went back to her book. It felt almost like she could see it happening right in front of herself,,,

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