Resetting your Mac…

Well here’s the best advice you’ll hear about how to reset your Mac to factory settings. “DON’T”. 

Apple MacBook Air
Pc: Google

A couple days back, I decided to reset my Mac to factory settings. Why did I decide to do that? Well, I had downloaded a software that I needed for my volunteering job and well, this software came with pop up ads and a pop up of the software every once in a while.

After a bit, this annoyed me so much that I decided to erase everything and well, just start over.

So I did the sensible thing, thank god for that, and backed up my computer, deleted all the files, and began the arduous process I had set in front of me.

And it was all going well for a while. And by that, I mean until the second step. I had erased my hard disk and now all I needed to do was reinstall my OS.

And that right there is where everything went down the drain.

My wifi suddenly wasn’t working, it kept asking me to move closer to the router which is impossible in University. I connected it my data and that sort of worked until my mac ate up all my credit in the form of data in about two minutes.

I was close to giving up and buying a ticket to Manchester, which by the way is where the closest apple store is. I had tried moving around, I had tried data, I had tried LAN cables, I had even tried restoring from back up. And finally, after I had given up and even shut down my mac, I decided to give it one final try.

I attempted to restore from an old back up one more time. And thank god, it worked!

So yea, I can’t stress enough about this. “Do not reset your Mac by yourself. For the love of God, just take it to the Apple Store!”


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