Friday Night Out, The Conclusion…

Until Now…

It was still comparatively early for clubbing, so when they got there, they were only 3rd in line. In the next fifteen minutes, a huge line had formed behind them. But staying out in the cold still didn’t suck that much. They were having fun, eager to get inside and start dancing.

Everything seemed to be going well. She was happy. She was having fun. She loved having fun with her friends and the gang definitely made it entertaining. She didn’t expect anything to get different. She was comfortable and she liked it.

She was having fun. But….


Something was holding her back. There was some part of her that seemed to want to just go home, curl up and go to sleep.

And it was true, she was not exactly the life of the party kind of a girl. But she loved taking a break, letting her hair down and just having fun once in a while. But today, there was no part of her having fun. She didn’t even want to eat or drink anything right then.

She stepped away from where her friends were dancing together. She needed a little space and a lot of fresh air. It was close to midnight and the club was getting more crowded by the minute and she was getting more flustered by the seconds. She stepped out of the club. She spied an empty corner that seemed to be unoccupied.

She could still hear the music blaring. She took out her earphones and put on her favorite song. It seemed ironical even to her that she was stepping away from the music and well, listening to more music. But this song, this song made her calm down. She leaned on the wall, closed her eyes and let herself flow with the familiar rhythm. the soft melody, the perfect harmony.

Her breathing returned to normal, her heart beats calmed down. She relaxed. She almost felt like she could step back out and be alright. And maybe, if they played the right music, just maybe, she may even enjoy herself.

I guess some days were just like that. Some days you can dance to any song and others, you can’t even dance to your favorite ones.

Today, she would at least not hate herself for coming out. She pulled her earphones off, put them in the bad, and walked back in, towards her friends…


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