Every Little Thing, Every Shade, Every Bottle….

She had no clue what was on her mind. Something made her want to pick up a pen and write. She rummages in her drawer for a pen. For whatever reason, she wanted something fancy.

Credits to Google
Every Little Thing, Every Shade, Every Bottle… Pc: Google

She found one of her glitter calligraphy pens, picked up a piece of paper, and wrote, ‘Every Little Thing, Every Shade, Every Bottle!’

She didn’t know what urged her to write these words. She didn’t know why she was suddenly flashing back. She didn’t know why she suddenly felt the gloom creep into her soul.

She couldn’t help but sit right there, pen in hand, memories in her head. It had been soul-crushing, bearing with the last few months. But she had managed. She was ever fine. In fact, she felt good. She felt like herself again. She was sure that she’d be perfectly fine.

But moments like these, they took her back. In a second, months of hard work would disappear. In a second, she would go from hyperactive to gloomy. In a second, she’d remember him, and lose herself.

He had been the best part of her life. He had made her life happier than she ever thought possible.

But he had been her downfall.

He had left her feeling more alone than she had ever felt. He had left her not knowing who she was anymore. He had left to rebuild herself, piece by piece, alone.

But she held nothing against him. It had never been his fault. In fact, if any, it had been hers.

She didn’t know how life would eventually turn out for her. She didn’t know where she’d go from here. But she was confident she’d be fine. And she knew for sure that he’d always be a part of who she was, her past, present and future.


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