A New Experience…

She sat in the kitchen with the group of them. She felt a little out of place in between what seemed like an already close-knit group. She wondered if maybe with time, she’ll become a part of the group too. But for whatever reason, she was on the hedge about this. All of her wanted it to be true, but a small part of her was scared it would end up otherwise.

She realised that if she fit in, this would be her group. Her gang for the rest of her year in this University. And then, she realised something more important.

She realised that she, in fact, didn’t want to worry.

If it was meant to be, it would be.

It was as simple as the fact that if she and the group had similar thought processes, they would get along. But if they were very different people, there was no way that they would automatically gel together.

Regardless, she realised that she liked hanging out with them. It gave her enough room to pursue what she liked, keep up with her coursework and then come the evening, have fun.

It certainly helped that they shared something in common. It was the simple thing that tied the group together.

She knew that she’d be fine. She had learnt to take care of herself very early in life. She had always been the responsible one.

This would be her chance to let go. She loved her new found freedom. She couldn’t wait to see where this year took her. She only knew that this would be an experience like no other…


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