A Distant Memory..

Thoughts about him swirled around her head,
There was nothing she could do to shut them down.

Every look, every touch, she could feel them even now,
But pain clouded over the love she still felt for him.

He had been her pick-me-up when she needed one.
Today, he was the permanent gloom that rested on her soul.

Even though she could still feel it all,
He was but a distant memory.

Time had done nothing to heal her wounds,
Time, instead, chose to give her much more.

All she could do was hope to forget it all,
But deep in her heart, she knew not how.

Someday she hoped that one of two would find happiness,
And she knew she'd rather it be him than her.

Today, the pain was her only friend,
Someday, she hoped it would be another distant memory…


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