Boating in Paradise…

I've always been the kind of girl that liked taking a break, going out to a new place, exploring new areas, having new experiences and the such.
Going in that trend, I've been boating a couple times. I went boating in Pondicherry, I went boating in Venice, and more.
Last week, I got the chance to go boating again.
Me and my family, we paid up and got on to our speed boat. It did not go fast.
But yea, moving on, it was a beautiful landscape and a slow ride with cold soothing winds helping with the heat.
We tipped the boat driver and he took us into the forest that bordered the lake.
So my point, it was an enriching experience. And what do I mean by that, simply that when you get out of the town and the pollution is lesser and the traffic is bare minimum, life changes ever so slightly.
Everything becomes a little purer around you and that by itself makes your mind calmer. The heart becomes happier and life becomes just that little bit more easier.
So I guess when things get hard, for people like me, the heart seeks serinity to become stronger.
Maybe it'll work for you too…


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