The Big Boss Fever..

In recent times, one of the most talked about shows in Tamil is ‘Big Boss’. Based on a relatively simple plot, the reality show has been turning heads across the state.

I’ll agree. The show is a great entertainment and honestly, I have learnt quite a bit about how to behave in a public place, how to act with certain people and much more.

For instance, with the whole Bharani issue, I honestly feel that the housemates over reacted. Not liking someone or not understanding someone does not mean they’re a bad person.

With the whole Julie lying issue, I finally began to understand that what we perceive in our minds might not always be true.

With the whole Oviya situation, I learnt that I must never forget or give up on who I am, but I must always make sure that I don’t hurt others by being myself.

Ganesh taught me to always be neutral. Snehan taught me how to be loved by everyone. Shakthi taught me how to be a good leader. The list goes on and on.

But here’s the problem.

The fact is, Big Boss is but a show.

And as with all TV shows, we must watch it, learn what we can and end it there. Taking it with us to reality is nothing but stupidity.

Supporting someone is our opinion. Judging someone based on our opinion is a mistake.

Watching and learning is the wiser way. Making it a way of life is a fools errand.

At the end of the day, I truly believe that all must watch the show. There is a lot to learn.

But, all must take it as a show! Definitely not the main event of our lives!

Just my opinion….


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