Cafe Coffee Day

I’ve always been a big fan of going out with my friends. Don’t get me wrong. Technically, I barely go out twice a month. But my frequency of going out has never actually affected my love for it.

But you know what, as hard as I’ve tired, I seem to have some sort of a connection with CCD’s. Popularly known to the younger crowd as CCD, Cafe Coffee Day is the perfect hangout spot for friends.

All you need to do is find a friend to hang out with, grab onto them and find the closest CCD, get inside, find a cozy corner, order something and spend a couple hours sitting and talking. Trust me, it’s perfect.


Pc: Google


It’s true that these days, there are a ton of cafes and restaurants to hang out in. New places open every other day.

But CCD’s have a charm to them that the others have yet to capture.

And of course, the food isn’t too bad either. Pretty light on the pocket, I absolutely love their Chilli Cheese Toastizza. A while back, they even introduced a new range of burgers and wow, they were amazing!

And of course, their namesake, they have every kind of coffee you can think of from an espresso to a frappe, or a latte, or even a hot chocolate. And of course great cold coffees too.

Damn, this is starting to feel like a review for CCD. But I guess, that’s just me and my experience with CCD’s.

Well, I don’t know what I’m actually trying to say here. But if you haven’t been to a CCD yet, Go now! Don’t Miss It! After all, like they say,’A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee.’



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