Judging a Book by the Cover…

One of the most cliched and very commonly used quotes would be ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’ according to me.

But I realized earlier today that I do. As in, I judge a book by its cover. No, this sentence does not have any inner meaning or anything like that. I mean it quite literally.

Let me give you an example. In the last couple weeks, I’ve been frequenting myself in the library, borrowing novels and gone off on a complete reading spree.

For each of us, how we choose the book we read is different. Each of us has our own system to choose our next read. For me, as embarrassing as it is to say this, the first thing that attracts me to a book is its cover.

I believe that the cover is a reflection of the way the story is meant. If it’s all pink, I automatically think that the book is going to be a little girly. If the cover is mysterious and brooding, I get the idea that the book might be an interesting thriller. A simple cover tells the tale of a simple down-to-earth story, so on and so forth.

Don’t judge me already. After the cover, I read the story at the back, I read the first couple pages, I read the last couple pages and after all, this, if I’m still interested, I pick it up.

But, it certainly is the cover that attracts me first. And I have a feeling that while they might either not realize it or not be willing to accept it, a lot of readers are the same way.

I mean, how else does someone pick one specific book kept in between hundreds. There’s got to be something that pulls them to it. And if it’s not a book that they were specifically looking for or a specific writer they were looking for, it has got to be either the title or the cover.

So yea, that’s me. I’m an avid reader who judges the book by a cover. But thankfully, it’s only a book I judge by the cover…


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