Seeing the family, having fun and gossiping…

Have you ever wondered what it possibly could be that the grandparents talk about for hours together when they meet up?

Well, recently for a function at home, I got to witness it first hand.

Being from a typical Brahmin family, I have ten pairs of grandparents, at the least.

So when the function came by, I ended up in a room with three sets of grandparents – three sisters and the husbands.

Less than five seconds in, the discussions began. And five hours later, I was left with three sets of grandparents who were comparatively less energetic but still talking to their heart’s extent.

So coming specifically to the discussions, the topics ranged from things as simple as gossiping about the people who had turned up, all the way, to annoying photographers at weddings.

Honestly, I still have no clue what it is that drives them.

But I have to admit, I love me some gossip and there was no deficit of that.

So yea, functions, they really are the best. You get to meet the family that you haven’t met in ages. You hear about everyone in the family. You gossip to your heart’s content. And well, you have fun!

It really is fun to have a big family. 😁


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