Stay the same and let life bend to your will…

Today, I got the chance to go to an amazingly calm and peaceful place with the family. We hiked a bit and then ended up right next to this beautiful riverbed. From our vantage point, as far as the eye could see, there was water on either side.

It was an incredibly calm and beautiful sight. I felt so at home in that spot.

I was taking pictures on my camera when I looked up and saw this rock. It was almost in the middle of the flowing water.

We have all heard the stories about water. It has incredible power in its humble flow. At the right speed, it can carry away any hurdle, know things over and destroy everything in its path.

And yet, the rock was sitting right in the middle and making water part around it.

For whatever reason, this sight made me look at myself in my life so far.

I realized that in life if you want to be your own person, you have got to stick to yourself and stay strong. You must always stick to your morals, your values, and your decision. And that is the only way that one can be completely happy.

Letting life shape you and decide how and who you are going to be can only make you another human being. Staying strong and making life bend for you is what makes someone unique. It is what makes someone who they are.

All of us make several decisions in life. But how many of us stick to our decisions?

Sometimes, changing might be for the better. But that can never be the reason to always keep changing.


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