For every one of us, there will be something that we dream about. Something that we can never give up. Something that we want to do for the rest of our lives.

I have quite a list of things that would fall under this category, and one of them is ‘Travelling’.

Ever since I was a little kid, I have had the amazing chance to visit way more places outside, than most people my age would have. All thanks to my amazing parents of course.

For example, I’ve been visiting Dubai since I was only 2 years old (‘since’ coz I’ve been there way too many times coz of the family).

Over the years, I have visited a lot of countries, been around a lot of places, and seen a lot of things.

The 7 wonders for instance. I know that today, there are several versions of the wonders of the world, but I am referring to the initial 7 wonders of the world here.

My parents took me to the Great Wall of China in 2005. I saw the Taj Mahal much earlier. I visited the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in 2015. I think 4 out of seven is a pretty good count.


Pc: Google


Well, I don’t know if it’s because of my history or simply who I am, I love going to new places, I love walking through the roads of a new city. I love exploring every nook and cranny of a new place and I love the thrill it gives me to see a new place, meet new people, and everything different from everything I’m used to. And that is exactly what traveling means to me.

You know those scratch out world maps you’ve heard about, I’ve always wanted one of those. Recently, I saw one at my cousin’s place. I’ll admit, she’s been twice or thrice as many places as I have, and when I saw that big map on her wall, the first thing I thought was that it wasn’t big enough.

Some day, I’ll be grown up and earning, and I’ll have my own house. That day, I’ll get someone to paint a map as big as the wall. And on that map, I’ll paint the places I’ve been to, with a different color. And someday, hopefully, the whole map will be one different color.

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