My love for the Camera…

For each of us, our passions are different. We all like something different. We all get excited about something different.

For me, I get excited every time I’m behind a camera, be it a DSLR, a digicam, or a movie camera.

That feeling I get when I’m behind the camera, and I’ve taken a shot that perfectly portrays what I have in mind, and the result is simply breathtaking. That feeling, it is something that makes me unconditionally happy.

My experience behind a camera started when I was a little kid. My parents got me this toy camera. I still remember zooming around my house clicking pictures, nd carrying it around with me even on holidays.

And then, well, I grew up.

When I took up a Media course in college, I finally bought my own DSLR, a Canon 650D along with three lenses. And need you ask, it has been my best friend ever since.

These last two weeks, I got the amazing opportunity to come all the way to Vancouver and work behind a professional video camera. Standing on that dolly, behind what was ‘My’ camera for now, and handling it to shoot scenes for my short film, it’s been a feeling that can’t be topped.

I believe that it is that love for the art, or maybe, it is the love for the final outcome that I see. Regardless of which it is, with the camera, it’s just pure love.


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