City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, Shadowhunters, A Review!

So the next book on my fantasy ‘to-read’ list was, ‘City of Bones’. The book is the first of the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.

I got the book very recently, and admittedly, the starting was a little boring. For whatever reason, for about two weeks after I had got it, I had only read the first chapter. Whether it was my exams or whatever, I think that the book itself didn’t catch my interest, well not immediately.


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But soon, I was actually completely hooked to it.

So the story is about 15 year old Clary, who suddenly starts to see things. She sees a boy vanishing into thin air, and two very strange people. Soon, she comes to know that these are shadowhunters, people dedicated to killing demons. Within a day, Clary is abruptly pulled into this new world as her mom gets kidnapped, she is attacked by a demon, and the shadowhunters are her only source of help left.

The story goes on as she gets acclaimed to the new world, finds secrets that have been hidden from her all her life. She is betrayed, kissed, hurt and goes through every other diverse emotion there could be. As the end (end of the book, I mean) gets nearer, she unfurls more secrets about her mother… and even her father.

Basically, despite my boredom, in the beginning, I actually enjoyed the book quite a bit. It was one of those books that are subtle, and yet you actually like them.

It gets a 3/5. So now, I’m all set to spend the rest of my vacation reading the rest of the series.


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