Exorbitant amounts of work and not regretting it!

When you take up a responsibility, it automatically means a lot of work, that you have, now, voluntarily taken on yourself. This makes the work something that you can’t exactly b**** about.
Right, so this year, in college, I voluntarily took up the responsibility of being my department’s student representative in the college cabinet.
All the other work aside, one of the main reason that I did this, is because I wanted the chance to organize my college’s M.O.P. MUN, which is a job that ultimately falls to the head of my department each year.
And as I had hoped, July came, when my teachers called me to my department to sit down and finalize the heads of the various committees that would be working under me. This was my first responsibility with regard to my event. Starting from there, it has been a long path to February 17th, 18th, and 19th, the days of the MUN, which, thankfully for me, was a success.


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In the process of these 7 months, life has revolved around setting up for the national level event. This, along with cabinet work on the college events, along with my studies has meant innumerable sleepless nights, no time for fun and more often than not only ‘work work and work’.


But here’s the catch, not once in these seven months of being extremely tired have I regretted it. And the only reason for this is the fact that only did I want to, but I also enjoyed it. Every day that I was too tired during, was a day when I told myself, ‘I’ll be happy when it’s a success’. And now, a week later, I truly am happy that it was a success.
Over the course of these 7 months, I have learned much more than I thought I could. I’ve made a lot of mistakes but managed to learn how to correct them before it all went wrong. I’ve learned my true capacity of handling work. I’ve faced excessive pressure and handled it. I’ve done more work at the same time than I thought possible. And most importantly, I grew up.
Today, I can openly state that I am a more mature person than I was a year back. Anyone that knows me, knows that I still have ways to go. And I agree. But hey, I’m glad I’ve learned this much. And honestly, I can’t wait to learn more.
So there, I figured out that I am a workaholic. I figured out that I am capable of much more than I thought I was. And I’m glad I did!

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