You’re trending in my dream by Sudeep Nagarkar – A review

This is not a love story; it’s a story of lost innocence and teenage heartache in urban India.

     To quote a line from the book itself, the above one very aptly describes the basic story line of the book “You’re trending in my dreams”.

To be honest, the relation between the title and the story line is one that eludes me, but the book as such provides a fascinating read.

Unlike the usual story format, this book goes a little different. You get the story crux, what’s happening then and the thoughts behind the characters.

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The storyline follows the life of four teenagers Varun, Ahana, Malvika and Garima as they become friends and then go on to face some pretty big struggles together. Delivering a story that is very prevalent in India today, it gives the reader exactly what they need depending on what they’re looking for- an enthralling story for someone that’s just looking for a read and a crux social issue for those of them that prefer a book with an undertone.

Put together with simple grammar, it even offers the reader a little “A” stuff if that’s something you’re into. But don’t worry, it’s not too blunt either.

It’s a simple story put together in a straightforward manner that allows the reader a happy couple of hours away from reality.

Overall, I would personally give the book a 3.4 out of 5 for its good story, delivery and its ability to hold the reader’s interest!


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